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Editorial Policy for Social Media (platforms available in French only)

Drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, citizens and organizations concerned by road safety... You are welcome!

The Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) is happy to welcome you to our various discussion platforms. You are in the right place to get informed, and express and share your ideas and concerns about road safety.

Because we believe that working together makes us stronger, we want to talk with you about road safety. Many local initiatives, projects in development and ideas for road safety awareness are regularly sent to us by telephone, email or in person, but we would like to them to be shared, so that everyone can benefit. Let's use social media so that good ideas can gain traction. Be part of the solution!

For information or discussion on Twitter, you can use #securiteroutiere and #saaq as hashtags. Mélanie (M.G.) et Gino (G.D.), from the Vice-présidence aux affaires publiques et gouvernementales, take care of the SAAQ's account.

We are committed to respecting intellectual property. However, ideas, screenplays, proposals, concepts, etc. are given freely and for free. We do not pay persons who post them in any form whatsoever.

Please note that we cannot always update and watch our accounts in real time.


Netiquette is the set of practices developed over the years to guide users' behaviour on the Web, especially during discussion forums and through email.

We are required to protect the information that our users send us. We cannot go into the particulars of a specific case on social media.

We encourage discussion and opinion sharing among our enthusiasts. However, it becomes less interesting for everyone when a debate becomes a private discussion among a few participants.

Adding hyperlinks to other sites is authorized, as long as the content is related to subjects being discussed. We are not responsible for the content of outside sites.

Using capital letters in a message is considered shouting. Comments are just as valid and much better to read when they are written in lower case.

Although we keep an open mind, we reserve the right to change this use policy at any time and without prior notice.

Discussion moderation

All comments and messages will be read and considered. However, the following is a list of possible reasons why we may withdraw some:

  • Comments are defamatory, hateful, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist or rude.
  • Comments are some form of advertisement, including promotion of products or services.
  • Comments are published more than once, or are off-topic.
  • Comments contain confidential information, i.e. personal information.

Protection of privacy and personal information

We are committed to respecting privacy. If you want to post photos or videos on this page, make sure that you have the consent of the persons who appear in them.

Protect your personal information and that of others: be cautious and discreet so that you don't reveal sensitive or personal information if you want to talk about your own experiences.


Our decision to follow users on Twitter does not mean that we support them. We follow accounts that we consider relevant to our road safety mandate and our status as a public organization.

The fact that we follow a given Twitter account does not mean that we endorse their remarks or activities. We will withdraw or block followers if we find that their tweets are inappropriate.

In order to comply with Twitter's 140-character limit, we use the domain name in addition to our domain name to reference access to our Web site from Twitter.

Last Modification: 2012-10-11