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Sustainable Development

A mission that is in step with sustainable development

The mission of the SAAQ is to protect the public against the risks inherent in use of the road. As a central focus of this mission, road safety enters into the collective effort towards sustainable development, considering its positive impact on the three areas of sustainable development i.e. social, economic and environmental.

Responsible behaviour on the road helps to reduce the risk of accidents and their tragic consequences (social) and to contain health and compensation costs (economic). In addition, safe driving reduces fuel consumption and the resulting toxic gas emissions (environmental).

The SAAQ is taking action!

With its 2011-2015 sustainable development action plan (available in French only), the SAAQ has made a commitment to incorporate sustainable development principles into its activities and to abide by government requirements provided under the Sustainable Development Act, as well as the government strategy on sustainable development. Our commitments are reflected in the SAAQ's 2011-2015 strategic plan, in which one goal is to consolidate the implementation of sustainable development principles.

If you would like to find out more about the SAAQ's achievements in the area of sustainable development, read the ÉcoResponsable newsletter.

Our vision: “Protect the present, insure our future”

Protégeons le présent, assurons nos lendemainsThis slogan illustrates the SAAQ's vision in regard to sustainable development and highlights the importance of acting in the best interest of current and future generations. The visual presentation features three intersecting roads, which symbolize the SAAQ's focus of interest and the three areas of sustainable development (social, environmental and economic).

To protect the present is to:

  • maintain an equitable and financially sound insurance plan;
  • promote road safety and develop responsible behaviour aimed at reducing the risk of accidents;
  • adopt a preventative management approach promoting health, safety and a stimulating environment for its personnel;
  • reduce the environmental footprint of its activities and adopt eco-friendly goods and services acquisition practices.

To insure our future is to:

  • make sure that future generations have access to an insurance plan that is as beneficial as the one currently in effect;
  • ensure that responsible behaviour on the road leads to sustainable benefits on the health and quality of life of Quebecers;
  • maintain a committed, creative and productive staff;
  • help conserve a healthy and viable environment for future generations.
Last Modification: 2013-06-13