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Accident Victim

Claim for Death Benefits

To make a claim for death benefit, a claimant must first phoneThis link will open a new window. the SAAQ to have a claim file opened and be assigned a claim number.

The claim number will be required in filling out documentation needed for study of the claim, and it will be useful throughout the processing of a claim.

To obtain the guide and forms, you can:

If needed, help is provided free of charge, in terms of information required to fill out a claim form. A representative from the SAAQ could even go to a claimant's home to help fill out the documents.

Send in the claim as soon as possible, even if you still don't have some supporting documents from another person or institution. These can be submitted later.

The important thing is to remember that there is a time limit of three years following an accident victim's death to make a claim.

Last Modification: 2014-11-04