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Accident Victim

Types of Accident Excluded

Some types of accident are not covered by the public plan and the persons injured are not entitled to compensation.

Such is the case:

  • of an accident that occurs in an automobile race, contest or show on a track closed to traffic, whether the victims be drivers, passengers or spectators, regardless of whether or not the automobile that caused injury was taking part in the event;
  • of an accident involving a snowmobile or other vehicle intended for off-road use, unless the collision involves a moving motor vehicle that is not excluded (ex.: a snowmobile crashing into an automobile);
  • of an accident that occurs off a public highway involving an equipment vehicle, a trailer or a farm tractor, unless the collision involves a moving motor vehicle that is not excluded (ex.: a tractor colliding with an automobile);
  • of injury caused by equipment which can function independently from the vehicle of which it is a part, when that vehicle is stopped other than on a public roadway (ex.: injury caused by a snowplow installed on the front of a truck);
  • of injury sustained during maintenance, repair, modification or improvement of an automobile, or caused by the independent act of an animal carried in an automobile.

In these cases, the vehicle or equipment owner or user must take out appropriate coverage with a private insurer for any bodily injury and property damage that might be caused by the vehicle or equipment.

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Last Modification: 2012-10-11