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Accident Victim

What To Do in the Event of an Accident

  1. Call the police so a report can be made of the accident;
  2. See a physician without delay and have all signs of injury entered on the doctor's report. Make sure the report will be sent to the SAAQ;
  3. Contact the Société's claimant information service as soon as possible by telephoning 1 888 810-2525. Société staff will send you a claim form;
  4. Notify your insurer of any property damage caused.

If you were seriously injured outside Québec, within Canada, or in the United States, call 1 877 229-0536 from anywhere else in the world call 418 528-4579 collect

Should injuries sustained require lengthy hospitalization or place you in a complex situation, the SAAQ will do everything possible your condition allows to bring you back to Québec.

Last Modification: 2012-10-11