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Accident Victim

The Insurance Policy for All Quebecers

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Under Québec's public automobile insurance plan, all residents are covered for injury or death due to a traffic accident, regardless:

  • of who is at fault;
  • of wherever in the world the accident occurs.

The main goal the province's automobile insurance plan is to ensure fair compensation for all Quebecers who become accident victims, while holding costs down.

The following pages have been prepared to give you a clear picture of how the plan operates and the coverage it provides. You may wish to print them or order the full brochure: it's your insurance policy.

You will find a Compensation Table, showing the maximum amounts payable by the SAAQ in connection with an accident.

Note: This section is an overview of the various elements of the Automobile Insurance Act and its regulations. Please consult the legislationThis link will open a new window. available on the Publications du Québec Web site for all legal questions.

Last Modification: 2015-09-10