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Driver's Licence

Interim Measures

  • Individuals who hold a class 5 learner's licence that was issued before January 17, 2010 are not required to take a driving course. Individuals who have completed a driving course however, remain eligible to take a road test after 8 months, rather than after 12 months.
  • Individuals who were issued a class 6A learner's licence prior to January 17, 2010 remain eligible to take a road test after 7 months, rather than after 11 months.

The above interim measures apply only to the learning phase of driving. Once the learning phase has been completed, everyone is required to hold a probationary licence for 24 months.

  • Individuals who were issued a probationary licence prior to January 18, 2010 remain eligible to obtain a driver's licence after 24 months or at the age of 25, whichever comes first.

These interim measures apply only if a licence has been issued. An individual who took or passed a test, but did not receive a licence, cannot benefit from these measures.

Last Modification: 2012-10-11