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Driver's Licence

Passenger Vehicle (Class 5)

Passenger vehicleMotor homeTool vehicleService vehicle

With this licence, you can drive:

  • passenger vehicle (automobile or mini-van) or any double-axle truck or road tractor with a net mass of less than 4,500 kg (a road tractor is a motor vehicle that does not have cargo space and that is permanently equipped with a fifth wheel);
  • motor home;
  • tool vehicle: motor vehicle, other than a vehicle mounted on a truck chassis, in which the work station is contained within the driver's compartment (for the purposes of this definition, a truck chassis is a frame equipped with the combination of mechanical components required for a vehicle that is manufactured for the purpose of transporting people, goods or equipment);
  • service vehicle: vehicle equipped to supply, repair or tow road vehicles;
  • moped or motorized scooter;
  • farm tractor;
  • any vehicle covered by this class hauling a trailer or in the case of a motor home, another vehicle.

Conditions to obtain a Class 5 driver's licence

To properly prepare for the tests

We suggest that you study:

Last Modification: 2014-03-06