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Driver's Licence

Motorcycle (Classes 6A, 6B and 6C)

To operate a motorcycle, you must hold a driver's licence that corresponds to one of the following classes, based on the cylinder capacity of the motorcycle you wish to drive:

All motorcyclesCylinder size of 400 cc or lessCylinder size of 125 cc or less 

  • Class 6A: all motorcycles
  • Class 6B: cylinder capacity of 400 cc or less
  • Class 6C: cylinder capacity of 125 cc or less

Electric motorcycles are considered to be 125 cc motorcycles. Please read the compliance label in accordance with Canadian motor vehicle safety regulations to find out which type of vehicle you have. Your vehicle could be an electric moped or scooter.

These licences also authorize the holder to drive a moped or scooter (Class 6D) and a farm tractor (Class 8).

On January 1, 2012, a new class of licence, Class 6E, was introduced. It authorizes its holder to drive a three-wheeled motorcycle. This class is included in the other motorcycle licence clases (6A, 6B and 6C). For more information on this new class of licence, click on the heading entitled Three-Wheeled Motorcycles (Class 6E).

Basic requirements

Experience required

  • Have held a Class 6R learner's licence for at least 1 month. The Class 6R learner's licence allows motorcycle operation only for purposes of a driving course or an SAAQ closed track test;
  • Have held a Class 6A learner's licence for at least 11 months and have passed the road test;
  • Have held a probationary licence for 24 months, if you do not already hold a passenger vehicle (Class 5) driver's licence.

Read the brochure entitled Prospective Motorcycle Operator for the procedure to follow to obtain these classes of driver's licence.

Vision Test

Go to an SAAQ service centre to take a vision test.

To prepare properly

We recommend that you study:

In addition, check your road safety knowledgeThis link will open a new window.The content of the following could decrease accessibility. about driving a car or a motorcycle.

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