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Driver's Licence

For People Who Formerly Held a Québec Driver's Licence

You can exchange your current driver's licence for a Québec licence without testing if you comply with the following conditions:

  • You once held a Québec driver's licence of a class equivalent to the Québec licence you want to get. Consult the section on Québec driver's licence classes for details on the different licences;
  • You hold a valid driver's licence or one that has been expired for less than three years;
  • The class shown on your licence authorizes the corresponding class of vehicle you want to drive in Québec;
  • you must pay the fees for a Québec driver's licence.

To find out the procedure in the case of a licence that has been expired for three years or longer, consult the section on Québec driver's licence classes and select the class of licence you want to get.


  1. Make an appointment by telephone. Over the phone, the clerk will ask you which documents you have in your possession (birth certificate, permanent resident card, passport, etc.). Have these in hand when calling.
  2. Go in person to the appointment with a clerk to determine your eligibility for driver's licence exchange. Bring:
    1. your driver's licence;
    2. the originals of your official documents.
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Last Modification: 2012-10-11