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Driver's Licence

To Get a Passenger Vehicle (Class 5) Learner's Licence

Before going to an SAAQ service centre to get this licence, you have to pass Phase 1 of the driving course at a driving school recognized by the Association québécoise des transportsThis link will open a new window. (AQTr) – (Web site in French only). This part of the course includes five theoretical modules.

If you are a new resident, you must call the SAAQ to make an appointment before registering for a driving course.

You must prove your identity before getting the licence:

  • If you have an identity card issued by the SAAQ, show only this piece of identification (it's the quickest way to prove your identity).
  • Show two pieces of identification, including one with photo, from among the following:
    • 1st piece
      If you were born in Québec:
      • the original of your birth certificate issued by the registrar of civil status (Directeur de l'état civil) after January 1, 1994 (a certificate of birth issued by a parish or by the Ministère de la Justice is not accepted);
      • a Canadian passport;
      • a Canadian Armed Forces identity card;
      • a Certificate of Indian Status.
      If you were born elsewhere:
      • the original of a birth certificate issued by a Canadian province or territory (if you were born in Ontario, the Birth Certificate (short form) which corresponds to a short form Québec birth certificate);
      • a Canadian Citizenship Certificate with photo;
      • a Permanent Resident Card;
      • other proof of legal presence in Canada.
    • 2nd piece
      • your health insurance card;
      • a licence authorizing you to drive a vehicle.

Once your identity has been confirmed, you are required to:

  • provide the original of the signed Consent of a Person Having Parental AuthorityThis link will open a new window. form (PDF) if you are under age 18;
  • provide a duly completed certificate that confirms that you successfully completed Phase 1 of the driving course, which includes five theoretical modules;
  • fill out the SAAQ's Declaration of Illness or Impairment form and meet the medical requirements;
  • pass the SAAQ's vision test;
  • pay the licence fee (in cash, by cheque or with a debit card [except in mobile service units]).
Last Modification: 2015-03-30