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Driver's Licence

Learner's Licence - Passenger Vehicle (Class 5)

Learner's LicenceWith your learner's licence, you can drive on the road accompanied by a driving instructor during the mandatory driving course or with an accompanying rider outside the driving course. This is where you will acquire the practical skills required to drive a passenger vehicle.

When driving outside the course, you must be accompanied by a person who has held a valid passenger vehicle driver's licence for at least two years, and who is able to provide assistance and advice. A person who has held a licence for less than two years cannot accompany a learner driver. A probationary licence holder also may not serve as an accompanying rider.

This licence, which you are required to use for a minimum of 12 months, is issued with a particular set of restrictions that set you apart from other drivers. In addition to the requirement of being accompanied while driving at all times, you must have fewer than 4 demerit points entered on your driving record, and you are prohibited from driving after drinking any alcohol.

This licence is renewable

You have to go in person to an SAAQ service centre or licensing agent to renew it. However, if a vision test is required, you must go to a service centre.

A first learner's licence is valid for a period of 18 months from the date of issue. A renewed licence is valid for 12 months.

Last Modification: 2016-01-05