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Driver's Licence

Learner's Licence - Motorcycle (Class 6R)

First, you must get a Class 6R learner's licence.

With a 6R learner's licence, you can learn the knowledge and develop the skills required to operate a motorcycle on a closed track or on the road, but only as part of a mandatory driving course taken at a driving school recognized by the Association québécoise des transportsThis link will open a new window. (AQTr) or during the SAAQ closed-track road test.

You will therefore practise operating a motorcycle for the first time at a driving course.

Wearing protective gear

Wearing complete protective gear is advised during motorcycle outings and during practical training on the road or on a closed track. It is recommended that you wear:

  • a helmet that complies to standards with a face shield or goggles;
  • a long-sleeved jacket made of leather or anti-abrasive material such as Kevlar or Cordura;
  • long pants made of leather or anti-abrasive material;
  • leather gloves that cover the wrists;
  • leather boots specially designed for riding a motorcycle that cover the ankles and have flat heals and grip soles.

This licence is renewable

You have to go in person to an SAAQ service centre or licensing agent to renew it. However, if a vision test is required, you must go to a service centre.

Last Modification: 2015-05-12