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Driver's Licence

On the Day of the Test

Before the test
The driving examiner will tell you the procedure for the test. There are no tricks, i.e. the examiner will not ask you to do something that goes against the Highway Safety Code.

During the test
Try to relax. The test was designed based on the behaviour expected of a new driver, taking into account that you will continue to gain experience once you have your driver's licence.

The examiner evaluates the degree of independence that you demonstrate when putting the following three competencies into practice:

  • Handling a passenger vehicle;
  • Sharing the road;
  • Obeying laws and regulations.

The examiner will give you instructions as the test proceeds.

To pass your test
You must get a mark of 75% or more to pass. However, certain serious mistakes will lead to automatic failure, regardless of your total points. These possible types of mistakes are actions, failures to act or behaviours that lead to situations that are dangerous for you or other road users. They may also be an offence against traffic rules, signs or signals.

After the test is over
The examiner will give you your results, outlining your strong points as well as points that need improvement, even if you passed the test.

Don't forget, to pass the test:
Practice often and in a variety of driving situations!

Last Modification: 2014-06-30