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Driver's Licence

Vehicle Seizure

A law enforcement officer who intercepts a driver committing certain offences can seize a vehicle for 7, 30 or 90 days. If the vehicle does not belong to the driver, the Highway Safety Code requires the driver to advise the owner without delay.

Seizure also applies to any vehicle owner who lends or rents out a vehicle to an offender. A vehicle can be seized where:

  • the licence of the driver has been suspended or revoked;
  • the driver does not hold the correct class of licence;
  • the driver does not hold a valid driver's licence;
  • the driver does not hold a licence with the necessary endorsements (for a heavy vehicle);
  • the driver violates a condition that only authorizes him or her to drive a vehicle fitted with an alcohol ignition interlock device or a driver who violates the conditions of use of the device;
  • the driver violates certain conditions associated with his or her driver's licence;
  • the driver who is intercepted has a blood-alcohol level above 160 mg/100 ml, or refuses to provide a breath or blood sample or to submit to physical coordination tests;
  • the driver commits a repeat impaired driving offence;
  • the driver is intercepted for an excessive speeding offence in a zone of 60 km/h or less and has had a prior excessive speeding conviction in such a zone within the previous 10 years;
  • the driver is intercepted for driving in a street race, or for a wager or a stake.
  • the driver is intercepted while a person was riding on the running board, an outer part of the vehicle, or in the box or dump body of the vehicle, or tolerated such a practice.
  • The driver is intercepted for allowing or tolerating a person to hold on or hang on to the vehicle while it was in motion.
  • the driver is intercepted despite the fact the Commission des transports du Québec (CTQ) had prohibited the owner or operator of a heavy vehicle from putting this type of vehicle into operation or on the road, or had prohibited a driver from operating this type of vehicle.

Check the validity of a driver's licence

Before lending or renting out your vehicle to someone, take the time to check that the prospective driver holds a valid licence.

Last Modification: 2012-10-11