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Driver's Licence

Driving in Québec - Tourists

Licence holders from outside Québec may drive a vehicle on a public road in Québec for up to six consecutive months without holding a Québec driver's licence.

These conditions apply:

  • your driver's licence must be valid;
  • any licence restrictions also apply in Québec;
  • you are allowed to operate only the corresponding class of motor vehicle in Québec.

Beyond 6 months, you must hold an International Driver's Permit, which allows you to operate the corresponding class of motor vehicle in Québec for the length of time the Permit and your driver's licence are valid. You must have both in your possession when driving.

Regardless of the length of your stay, if your driver's licence is neither in English or French, getting an International Driver's Permit is highly recommended. You must apply for a Permit in the country that issued your driver's licence, before leaving.

Last Modification: 2013-05-08