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Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Statements



Q1: In the statement of revenue and expenditure of the Fonds d'assurance, why are results for the current year and previous years shown separately?
A: Results attributable to the insurance activities of the current year are presented separately from those of previous years to provide the reader with additional information on the sufficiency or insufficiency of the current year's premiums to finance expenditures relating to operations on the insurance plan's current account.

Q2: In the statement of revenue and expenditure, what comprises the amount that appears as contributions from registration and driver's licences?
A: When we pay for registration and/or a driver's licence, we pay an amount comprising various elements: insurance, fees, taxes, the driver's contribution to public transit and charges.

Only the insurance contribution goes into the Fonds d'assurance. Charges are included in the statement of revenue and expenditures of the SAAQ while the other amounts that are collected go to Finances QuébecThis link will open a new window. and Revenu QuébecThis link will open a new window..

Last Modification: 2012-10-11