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News Brief

Pilot Project on Motorized Mobility AidsThis link will open a new window.
The pilot project on motorized mobility aids will be launched on June 1. The project, led by the Ministère des Transports, aims to specify conditions of access to the road network for electric wheelchairs as well as three-wheeled and four-wheeled scooters. (French only)

Partial Road Safety Statistics 2015
The SAAQ is publishing statistics on road accident victims, for part of 2015. (French only)

Recognition for the 2014 Texting at the Wheel Campaign
TV and radio ads for the 2014 texting and driving campaign have recently won several awards at such prestigious competitions as the Crystal Awards and The One Club’s One Show.

ERRATA - Operating a Motorcycle guide
Errors were inadvertently introduced in the new edition of the Operating a Motorcycle guide. Please take note of the corrections

New edition of the Operating a Motorcycle guide
The SAAQ and Publications du Québec have just finished republishing the Operating a Motorcycle guide, which is a key element of the revamped motorcycle driving course. The guide is sold in bookstores and online.

Report from the Panel of ExpertsThis link will open a new window.
The Panel of Experts on automobile insurance contributions has published its report on the SAAQ proposal for 2016-2018.

Online Services SAAQclic - Citizens IDRIVEMYOWNLIFE.COM Check your road safety knowledge
Did You Know?

True or False: A motorist may cross a solid line to pass a cyclist.

Answer: True

The Highway Safety Code allows it as long as the cyclist can be passed safely.

More: Rules for Motorists

Last Modification: 2015-05-28