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News Brief

Partial Road Safety Statistics 2014
The SAAQ is publishing statistics on road accident victims, for part of 2014. (French only)

Do you know about these cosmetic modifications that are detrimental to a vehicle’s handling and manoeuvrability? This is an overview of hellaflush modifications and the reasons for which they are prohibited.

A Tip of the Hat as We Share the Road!Ce lien ouvrira une nouvelle fenÍtre.
You are on the road and witness good behaviour on the part of a fellow citizen… Whether you are travelling on foot, a bike, a motorcycle or in an automobile, show support for road safety, courtesy and a good attitude towards the other road users! (French only)

The new section on driver distraction contains facts and statistics, the analysis report (in French only) from the survey commissioned after the 2013 Texting Campaign, as well as solutions for reducing distractions while driving.

"Around the World” Contest
Congratulations to the winners of the 21th to 40th draws. To participate, download or update your version of the Focus Mode mobile app.

Buyerís Guide Ė First Moped or Scooter
Before buying your first moped or scooter, read the new buyer’s guide. It will help you make informed choices.

Online Services SAAQclic - Citizens IDRIVEMYOWNLIFE.COMCheck your road safety knowledge
Did You Know?

Do You Know the Cycling Safety Code?

Cyclists may ride:

  • wearing earphones or headphones.
  • with a passenger.
  • between two lanes of moving vehicles.
  • none of the above.

Answer: None is true

  • Riding a bicycle while wearing earphones or headphones is prohibited.
  • Carrying a passenger is prohibited unless the bicycle is equipped with a fixed seat for that purpose.
  • Riding between two lanes of moving vehicles is prohibited.

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Last Modification: 2014-09-03