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News Brief

Obligations of Heavy Vehicle Users
The publication entitled Obligations of Heavy Vehicle Users has been updated.

Appointments to SAAQ Board of Directors
On January 19, 2016, the Cabinet appointed Ms. Lorna Telfer as Chair of the SAAQ Board of Directors and appointed a new administrator, Ms. Sylvie Thivierge.

Register for the “Platinum” Level
As of January 1, 2016, heavy vehicle drivers can register for the “Platinum” level of the Excellence Program for Heavy Vehicle Drivers.

Partial Road Safety Statistics 2015
The SAAQ is publishing statistics on road accident victims, for part of 2015. (French only)

Do you own a large-cylinder capacity vehicle?
On January 1, 2016, changes to the applicable registration fees came into effect. The additional registration fee, which is indicated on your payment notice, aims to encourage a reduction in pollution emitted by vehicles.

Regulatory amendments to the Act respecting off-highway vehicles
The Act respecting off-highway vehicles provides for measures relating to seizures and impoundments and licence suspensions, which apply as of December 17, 2015. This may include, for example, the seizure of a vehicle in cases of impaired driving or the suspension of a driver's licence in cases of street racing.


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Did You Know?

True or false?
Texting at the wheel is allowed when you are stopped at a red light or stuck in traffic, since your vehicle isn't moving.

Answer: False

If you bring your vehicle to a stop for road signs, traffic signals or traffic obstructions, you are still considered to be driving. You are therefore not allowed to hold a device equipped with a telephone function.

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Last Modification: 2016-01-28