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Disabled Parking Permit

A Permit Holder's Responsibilities

Municipal police forces and the Sûreté du Québec are required to enforce regulations that apply to use of a disabled parking permit.

You will receive a fine if you fail to comply with the following conditions:

  • Display the permit on the rearview mirror inside the vehicle so that it is visible and only when the vehicle is parked in a disabled parking space;
  • Carry the accompanying certificate when the disabled parking permit is in use;
  • Do not lend or transfer the permit to another person, organization, etc. (The permit is linked to its holder – whose name is indicated on the accompanying certificate. The permit is not linked to a vehicle);
  • Return the permit and certificate to the SAAQ if their use is no longer required or if the holder no longer meets permit requirements;
  • Notify the SAAQ of a change of address within 30 days;
  • Immediately notify the SAAQ of a lost, stolen or destroyed disabled parking permit or accompanying certificate.

Compliance with these conditions of use ensures control of handicapped parking spaces.

Last Modification: 2012-10-11