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Disabled Parking Permit

Who Can Apply for a Disabled Parking Permit?

Before applying for a disabled parking permit, remember that drivers are authorized under the Highway Safety Code to stop in a normally prohibited zone to allow a disabled person to get into or out of a vehicle as long as this operation can be safely carried out.

Conditions for a disabled person

A disabled person must meet the three following conditions:

  • Live with a handicap that results in a loss of independence or jeopardizes the person's health and safety in the course of travel that does not require the use of a means of transportation;
  • Fill out an application formThis link will open a new window. (PDF: 179 Kb - 2 pages);
  • Submit, where necessary, an assessment showing that a disability has lasted at least 6 months.

Conditions for a public institution

The public institution must meet these three conditions:

  • Be a public institution within the meaning of the Act respecting health services and social services or within the meaning of the Act respecting health services and social services for Cree Native persons;
  • Be the owner of a vehicle that is equipped with a device to secure wheelchairs against movement;
  • Fill out a public institution application form (This form can be ordered and mailed to you. Contact the SAAQThis link will open a new window..)

Conditions for a non-resident of Québec (visitor)

A disabled parking permit issued by a Canadian administrative authority (province or territory), U.S. administrative authority (State) or a country that is a member of or associated with the International Transport Forum is recognized by Québec only if the permit bears the international wheelchair symbol. A permit holder is therefore not required to file a disabled parking permit application with the SAAQ because the valid permit is recognized.

In other cases, an individual must file an application with the SAAQ and meet the two following conditions:

  • Hold a disabled parking permit issued by the province or country of origin;
  • Submit proof.

Note that the permit issued is valid only for the length of stay.

Last Modification: 2012-10-11