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Dealers and Recyclers

Licence Requirements

To maintain your licence, you must:

  • continue to meet the conditions related to holding a licence;
  • notify the SAAQ within 30 days of a change of conditions to obtain a licence and submit the necessary documents;
  • display the licence in full view of the public, in the location where sales are conducted;
  • sell road vehicles or vehicle parts at the establishment only;
  • indicate the licence number on all bills of sale of a road vehicle or major vehicle component;
  • maintain a record of all road vehicles and major components received, and keep this record on the premises of the establishment. (For recyclers only);
  • provide the buyer of a rebuilt vehicle with a mechanical inspection certificate indicating that the vehicle complies with the Highway Safety Code;
  • not transfer the licence to another individual or business. Upon the death of licence holders, their heirs, testamentary executors or administrators of the estate may obtain authorization to continue activities up to the expiry date of the licence. They must first request authorization in writing from the SAAQ.
Last Modification: 2014-09-12