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Road Safety

Rules to Obey... For Cyclists as Well as Motorists

Cyclists have the same rights and obligations as motorists. Cyclists, however, are often unaware of these rules or ignore them altogether. Studies show that negligence and distraction are the cause of most accidents.

Bicycle safety begins with obeying the Highway Safety Code and preventive action. It is important to keep your eyes open, listen and make sure you can be seen!

Sharing the Road

Cyclists feel a greater sense of security if motorists make an effort to give them room when passing.

To safely pass cyclists, motorists must:

  • make sure they have enough space;
  • use the left lane if necessary.

Passing a Bicycle

Under the Highway Safety Code, drivers of a road vehicle may not pass a bicycle within the same traffic lane unless there is enough space to allow them to do so safely. Furthermore, the Code authorizes drivers of a road vehicle to cross a solid or broken line (single or double) to pass a bicycle, providing that they can do so safely.


Motorists are encouraged to be patient around cyclists and wait for the safest moment to pass a bicycle. It is important to leave at least a metre and a half between the vehicle and bicycle when passing. Motorists should also remember that cyclists may have to swerve to avoid obstacles or riding off the shoulder.

Little Things Make a Difference

Remember, acts of courtesy are contagious. Small gestures ultimately result in greater cooperation on the road.

Last Modification: 2015-04-07