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Road Safety

Child Safety Seats

Did you know?

Child Safety Seats - Secure them for LifeEvery year in Québec, around 1,150 children age 9 or under who are riding in a vehicle die or are injured in automobile accidents.

Car seats are the solution to this problem. When they are used correctly, the probability of death or serious injury is reduced by up to 70%.

One out of two children are in danger!

According to a survey conducted by the SAAQ in 2011, 83.3% of children age less than 5 are in a seat that is suited to their weight. However, seats are used correctly, that is, the child car seat is properly anchored on the seat of the vehicle and the child is properly restrained in the seat, in only 61.6% of cases. Combining these percentages reveals that one out of two children (51.3%) are not safe.

Even today, 0.2% of children are not restrained either in a child car seat or with a seat belt. Children are sometimes even seated on a parent's lap or standing on the back seat.

When an automobile hits an obstacle at a speed of 50 km/h, the weight of a person or object is multiplied by 20 at the moment of impact. An 18-kg child becomes a 360-kg projectile. The child could then be thrown against the front seat, the dashboard, the windshield, another passenger or even ejected from the vehicle.

Verify Your Child's Car Seat!

Even if you are just going a short distance, it is important to secure your child in the seat. Many accidents occur near the home, and more than half occur in zones where the speed limit is 50 km/h or less.

Last Modification: 2014-06-06