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Vehicle Registration

Fees Related to a Vehicle Registration

Administrative Fees
  2013 2014
Changes made during the validity period
Increase in the number of axles of a vehicle, modification of the cylinder capacity of a motorcycle, modification of the net weight of a vehicle $8.50 $8.60
Issuing a licence plate
For any new plate, except when otherwise stated $2.15 $2.15
Registration $8.50 $8.60
Acquisition of a vehicle by exchange $8.50 $8.60
Obtaining authorization for road use for a vehicle that is already registered (licensing for road use of a stored or discarded vehicle)  $8.50 $8.60
Renewal by mail or in a financial institution $4.25 $4.30
Renewal in a service outlet $7.50 $7.55
IRP registration
Registration $42.50 $43.00
Changes related to the vehicle, the fleet or distance travelled $42.50 $43.00
Renewal by mail $42.50 $43.00
Renewal in a service outlet $48.00 $48.50
Replacement of the registration certificate or replacement of the licence plate (including the certificate and sticker) $21.30 $21.50
Registration certificate $4.25 $4.30
Licence plate (including the registration certificate) $10.70 $10.80
Last Modification: 2014-07-18