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Vehicle Registration

Characteristics of a High-Risk Motorcycle

High-risk motorcycles are vehicles that are designed for performance and are recognized as such by manufacturers and specialists (journalists, authors, etc.) They have certain visual and technical characteristics such as:

  • streamlined fairing to improve aerodynamics, covering the sides of the engine, with a low windshield;
  • a crouched-forward driving position;
  • low, short handlebars;
  • foot pegs placed higher up and farther back;
  • muffler placed at the rear and angled upward;
  • two disc brakes in front and one disc brake in the back;
  • rear wheel driven by a chain;
  • power to weight ratio of over .5 hp/kg;
  • no center stand;
  • oversize frame.
Last Modification: 2014-04-17