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Vehicle Registration

IRP Registration

Registering a Vehicle for Operation Outside of Québec

Implementation of the International Registration Plan (IRP) in Québec is the result of an agreement by the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) with Canadian and US jurisdictions. Under IRP, carriers only pay registration fees once, to the base jurisdiction, which in turn ensures travel for duly licensed vehicles in other jurisdictions. IRP functions on the basis of reciprocity, which means it is a reciprocal agreement allowing Quebec vehicles to travel in other Canadian provinces or US states. The agreement is administered by IRP Inc.

The SAAQ is responsible for processing requests for IRP registration on the part of carriers with an established place of business in Québec.

For more information, visit the International Registration Plan, Inc.'sThis link will open a new window. Web site or phone us at one of the following numbers:

  • 418 528-4343 (Québec area)
  • or 1 800 837-6030 (Montréal area and elsewhere in Québec)

Find a services centre where you can make an appointment for IRP registration.

Please note that all publications and forms intended for IRP registrants are now available in French only, in order to comply with the language policies of the SAAQ and of the Québec government.


Last Modification: 2014-11-14