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Vehicle Registration

Registering a Vehicle from Outside Québec

Registering a vehicle from outside Québec requires a special procedure. It is recommended that you contactThis link will open a new window. the SAAQ before going to a service outlet in order to know which documents are required. Below is a non-exhaustive list of these documents:

Required documents

  • Identification, preferably your driver's licence with photo
  • Sales contract, invoice, or lease contract
  • Weight certificate (if net weight is not indicated on the other documents)

Additional documents

  • New vehicle
    • New Vehicle Information Statement form
  • Used vehicle
    • Certificate of mechanical inspection issued by a certified agent (this does not apply to snowmobiles, snowblowers, all-terrain vehicles, tool vehicles and trailers weighing less than 900 kg)
    • Registration certificate issued by the other province or country, or title of ownership (endorsed by the previous owner)
  • Depending on the situation
    • Confirmation of the transaction carried out between a retailer outside Québec and a Québec resident VD-87
    • Vehicle Import Form
    • Customs duty collection form
    • Lessor's authorization to register the vehicle in Québec
Last Modification: 2014-06-09