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Vehicle Registration

Month for Renewal of Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration renewals occur throughout the year and can be carried out in advance (maximum 3 months). The month of renewal is determined in the following manner:

  • the first letter of the owner's last name, for passenger vehicles;
  • the type of vehicle, for all other vehicles.
Month for renewal of vehicle registration
Month of renewal Owner's last name
(passenger vehicle)
Other vehicles
Owners of trailers (R licence plate) are required to pay vehicle registration fees only once, that is, when the vehicle is registered for the first time or upon transfer of ownership.
January B  
February A, C, W  
March   Bus, minibus (A licence plate), vehicles with restricted use (C licence plate), consular corps (CC licence plate), diplomatic corps (CD licence plate), commercial vehicles (F licence plate), trucks (L licence plate), taxis (T, TR, TS licence plates), off-road vehicles (V licence plate) except snowmobiles, passenger vehicles equipped with a ham radio (VE, VA2 licence plates), dealer plate (X licence plate)
April   Farm tractors (C licence plate), motor homes (F licence plate), farm vehicles and trucks (F, L licence plates), motorcycles, mopeds and scooters (small licence plate with no prefix)
May D, E, F  
June G, H, J  
August M, N, O,V  
September L Automobiles and buses or minibuses used to transport schoolchildren (A, F licence plates)
October P, Q, R  
November I, K, S, T, U, X, Y, Z  
December   Snow vehicles, snowblowers, winter tool vehicles, snowmobiles (C, F, V licence plates)
Last Modification: 2013-12-19