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Vehicle Registration

Licensing a Vehicle Bought from an Individual

Buying a vehicle directly from an individual? You and the seller must go to an SAAQ service outlet, where both will be required to show identification, preferably a driver's licence.

If you do not hold a driver's licence or you are having someone act on your behalf for the vehicle registration operation, contact usThis link will open a new window. to find out which documents are required.

Are you under age? You will need the Consent of Person Having Parental AuthorityThis link will open a new window. (PDF) form signed by your father, mother or legal guardian.

If you are selling your vehicle to an individual but you cannot go with the person to a service outlet of the SAAQ, have yourself represented by someone you could easily reach in the event of a problem. The person acting on your behalf will need your Power of Attorney (PDF). Note: A fax or copy of a duly completed form can be accepted only if the required signature(s) is/are original. Note that certain transactions cannot be conducted by power of attorney.

You remain liable for the vehicle until it is registered in the buyer's name. You would be responsible for paying traffic fines or for property damage caused with the vehicle as long as you are the owner of record. Best to check that the vehicle is no longer registered in your name before asking your automobile insurer to cancel a third-party liability insurance policy.

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Last Modification: 2014-11-10