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Vehicle Registration

Cost of Registration Renewal for the Current Year

Off-Road Vehicles (small V licence plate)
Category of vehicles A B C D E
  1. There is no insurance contribution in the case of off-road vehicles. The Automobile Insurance Act does not provide for compensation of injuries sustained in an accident. Under the Act respecting off-highway vehicles, the owner of an off-road vehicle (including snowmobiles) must hold third-party liability insurance coverage of at least $500,000.
  2. Charge
  3. Vehicle registration fee
  4. Special contribution (charge to support the financial assistance program to develop and maintain Québec’s network of snowmobile trails).
  5. Total
Snowmobile 450 kg or less $0.00 $4.40 $48.50 $40.00 $92.90
Motorized all-terrain vehicle (ATV, quad bike and trail bike) or recreational off-highway vehicle (side-by-side vehicle) $0.00 $4.40 $48.50 $21.00 $73.90
Vehicles without any exemptions or privileges and vehicles owned by a parish fabrique, an institution exclusively devoted to charitable works or a hospital centre $0.00 $4.40 $48.50 $0.00 $52.90
Last Modification: 2015-11-23