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Vehicle Registration

Unpaid Fines

If you have been issued a fine for a violation of the Highway Safety Code or a municipal or parking bylaw, remember to pay the fine by the due date, otherwise you may lose certain driving-related privileges.

When a municipal court or regional violations and fines office notifies the SAAQ that you have an outstanding fine, you no longer have the right to:

  • drive a vehicle, because your driver's licence or right to obtain one will be suspended;
  • register a vehicle in your name if you purchase or lease a vehicle, because the transaction will be invalid;
  • drive a vehicle registered in your name or allow any one else to drive such a vehicle;
  • sell a vehicle registered in your name, because the buyer will not be able to register the vehicle and the sale will be invalid.

The SAAQ lifts this measures the day following receipt of notice from the municipal court or fine collection office advising the SAAQ that the fine has been paid.

Last Modification: 2014-07-21